Sarah Meinhardt lives and works in Hamburg.

Sarah has always been about playing with colours, searching for harmony in colourpalettes and combining peculiar shapes and textures. In her former role as a marketing manager, she stood out for her high standards of aesthetics, as well as her deep sensory perception. After several years in corporate business, Sarah dedicated herself to what she had always loved – painting.

When she paints she is lost in the moment, her mind is free and she can truly be herself. The creative process is her refuge and so are her paintings – a place to escape the everyday life, a place for dreams, hope and easiness.

Inspiration comes from her surroundings – people, nature, encounters, objects, food and music – she collects those memories and let’s them live in her paintings. Her biggest muse has been a small island at the French Côte Atlantique – Ile de Ré. This place is her “pays artistique”, her second home and you can see how its softness, harmony, yet surprising roughness transfers onto her paintings.

Her art can be characterized as tender, positive and soft, yet surprisingly vibrant and always optimistic. Sarah loves playing with extremes, creating an exciting dialogue between them. A painting can be loud and quiet, explosive and cautious, colorful and discreet, all at the same time.
Many of her paintings seem to float, dance and almost fly.